This whole thing with my dad is frustrating as hell. For the past couple of days and nights--they've argued here and there. The other night I woke up at 3 and I heard screaming---their they were arguing once again. I told my brother did he hear it, but he said no. I told him, I've been hearing them argue on and off. To be honest, since my dad has moved in, my mom has only talked to me once! This morning my mom went into my brothers room and he told her, we hear them arguing. My mom said, "we're just playing/joking"! *ROLLING MY EYES* What a joke and why live in denial?

My brother then came in my room to tell me what my mom said. And we just laughed but then all of a sudden, my mom went and told our dad we heard them arguing and he says the same thing! "That's just how we talk to each other; we aren't being serious." Give me a break! At this point, I couldn't take it anymore and he said, "What's going on?" cuz me and my brother were both silent. And I just told him the truth. I told him, how this whole situation is awkward and uncomfortable for me. I told him how I feel we are being forced to be in the situation--how it has switched up routine and how I don't know how I feel because I don't even want to be in the situation in the first place. I said I don't know how they think it will be easy to have grown up with just my mom and brothers--then all of a sudden a stranger comes in and everything is suppose to be cool. 

He said if I want him to leave he'll leave. He told me how I'm his only daughter and blah blah blah. But none of that means anything to me. He is a stranger to me, I don't know him--and I don't want to know him. This whole situation is frustrating and I hate that my dad and mom are pretending that everything is all sunshine and rainbows! They don't know that I hear them arguin at night. RIDICULOUS!!!! UGHHH

*sigh* 10:40am