Things always work out, p.I

What a crazy last couple of days it has been. I have wanted to write just never found the time to.   So here I am writing now cuz I can't fall back asleep. Long story short, my dad ended up relapsing. Yesterday he left in the morning to "handle business" but was really hanging out in the  streets, drinking and doing who knows what else. He came home causing a scene. Which then set my mom off. They started arguing with each other and I told them to stop. Didn't listen, told them I was going to call the police and I did. While I was on the phone with the police my dad called someone and said "can you believe it, my own daughter just called the police on me. Ain't that some shit" Then he gets off the phone and calls me some names. At this point I'm just in disbelief that any of this is happening. So much drama and stress. While I wait for the police, I sat on the couch and just started to cry. I cried out of anger, sadness, frustration--the whole situation was consuming me for the worst. I was afraid to leave my mom home alone out of fear that my dad would hurt her. That's not the kind of environment we should be living in. The police came, I explained the situation and they escorted him off the property. As usual he made a scene for the whole neighborhood to see--how embarrassing. Calling the police officers name, being loud in the street; and I live in a predominantly white neighborhood, so I know they were judging my race/ethnicity. For now, my dad is gone and I'm hoping it stays that way and also that when he gets his belongings it's peaceful. This whole situation has left me a bit scarred & traumatized....

In other news, I was offered a position as a preschool teacher & surprisingly had the chance to go to the Kendrick concert thanks to AM. I am so thankful for him. He's been a blessing in disguise, my own guardian angel--my dad left a bad impression on how I preserve men. And I feel AM has only proved to me that there are men who treat women respectfully, that there are men who care for my wellbeing, that I can have someone who actually loves me without being abused. I truly am grateful, thankful, blessed to have AM by my side and in my life. He's been nothing but supportive, inspiring, caring and I truly love him for that. This post is getting long, so I'll write about the Kendrick & my new job a bit later. 

good vibes   8:36am