Things always work out, pt 2

Continuing from last post.  Last Thursday, I received a call from a lady saying she really liked my resume and was interested in getting to know me more. Before that I had been applying like crazy, but had in a sense felt nothing would fall through before I had to go back to my old job. The lady left a voicemail saying I could call whenever because it was her cell number-so I called her back Saturday--she discussed the position with me and said she liked me and if I could meetup on Monday. I honestly went in not thinking anything would happen--as that's how most of my interviews have been. But she was very interested in me and position sounded intriguing to me. At the end, she offered me the job and I went and got my physical, fingerprints etc...It was all so fast, shocking yet left me feeling blessed. We shall see what happens.

Also had tha lovely opportunity to go see KDot via box seats and staples center. The seats were perfect, the people were chill and the atmosphere was great. I'm surprised that AM, would even think to ask for an extra ticket for me. I feel very touched--he constantly is surprising with his gestures---like yesterday when we took a shower, he had a shower cap for me(knowing that I most likely didn't bring mine). For me, it's always been about the little/simple gestures of love and it's as if he always gets that/understands that without me even saying a word. He constantly has me "blushing" and has my heart fluttering. It's almost his 30th and I want to do something really special for him--I just have to think of what. Also August 17th will make it 2 years that we've known each other---oh how time flies.

8:55pm xo