Trying to stay calm, cool and collected...

I've been trying my hardest to stay calm, cool and collected. I have nowhere to go. This morning my mom told me, she's going to kick my dad out. One I don't truly believe it because she's said that before. I also don't believe her because he's helping with paying the bills. Anyways, she came in my room and told me she's kicking him out and that I need to find a place to stay because she's not going to be able to keep this apartment because she doesn't have anyone to help her pay the bills. She said she's gonna find a one bedroom apartment she can afford and that we are on our own. Okay then, I see. She's mad that I can't give her more money--if I could I would. 

I'm also annoyed that my brother hasn't found another job. I still give my mom money, but now since my brother isn't--there's no one to make up his difference. I don't know what I'm going to do. I have to find a place to live--feeling super stressed. I'm seriously thinking of getting a storage, placing my stuff in it and sleeping in my car. That's the only option right now.

It's funny how my mom thinks I don't truly see things for what they are. I'm not child, I'm not dumb. Staying "faithful", "understanding" and "supportive" to my dad is BS and dumb. 

Searching for the answers, searching for a miracle.