I finally for once was going to get to bed before midnight. Just as I was drifting off, there goes the doorbell---nonother than the devil himself. I let the doorbell ring, I'm not answering it for him. He supposably went to a doctors appt at 1pm, when I got off work he was yet to be back. Called my mom at 4, saying he was on his way---LIES. Why the fuck was he knocking at the door hours later--pounding, cussing, yelling. My mom and bro were sleep. I thought long and hard about what to do. I wanted to just call the police and say there's an intoxicated man at my door, but then I thought to just let him sleep outside--which is what I was going to do---especially since he was drunk. But he kept getting louder and it's embarrassing--my neighbors probably heard, so I answered. I opened the door and he was like "who the fuck" and then he saw it was me. I told him, "I'm tired of this. Everyone is sleeping, you're out here loud and drunk. You're being very disrespectful, I need to be sleeping I have to wake up early. You need to find another place to stay cuz this is not okay." Then he goes, " I'm being disrespectful? Okay. I know you guys don't love me or care about me." And I go, "yup I don't care about you. I don't want you here. You're lucky I'm even letting you in. You're sleeping on the couch, I don't wanna see you in my moms room. And you need to stop being loud." Then he comes inside and as he passes by me he says, " I'm disrespectful? Well if you guys are gonna disrespect me, then I'm going to disrespect you." Like what the fuck! Stop playin the fuckin victim. You stay out for days, get drunk, then expect someone to just be up waiting for you to come home to let you in. You come home at odd hours in th middle of night, then you get angry no one is opening ip the door?!!! I'm beyond pissed and annoyed. And now I'm even scared to fall asleep. 

So much for going to bed early and getting a good night of sleep.

FUCK YOU 🖕🏿 12:15am