I’m on my break right now, but wanted to write something. This weekend was very stressful due to work activities I had to get ready for this week, due to family issues not getting any better and due to my dissatisfaction with my job. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I felt as if I’m the only one going through these tough times-though I know I’m not. I’m just tired of struggling—paycheck to paycheck. And it feels attaining my own place just gets further and further. It’s really discouraging. I’m just tired of putting my trust in people, only for them to show me differently—as if I can’t trust them. Please don’t lose my trust, I want to trust you. 

Moving forward, I will try to maintain an optimistic outlook during these hard times. I have to keep pushing and going—especially in the stormy weather. I feel a bit more hopeful today about life—let’s try and keep it that way, love.

Happy Monday xo