It sucks

Sometimes it sucks when family isn't understanding, when family isn't supportive, when family isn't family, when family is becoming toxic, when family feeds you their negative energy/vibes, when with family you feel alone--when family no longer feels likes home...I asked my mom today, when is my "dad" leaving because I can't stand to keep going through this chaos. She told me end of November/December--which basically means next year. If that's the case, I will 100% be spending the holidays ALONE! I will not be celebrating holidays with him. Each day, I grow to despise him more, I can't stand the sight of him--I have never hated someone so much--nor did I think it were possible to hate someone so much. 

I hate that my mom is keeping him around. And it's mainly because she is waiting for him to get his inheritance money, so she can get some. I have never nor will I never be the type of person who goes after another's money---sure there are reasons for her doing so--such as feeling he owes my brother and I, feeling he owes her compensation for sticking with him all those years. But I don't get how someone can stay with someone who is extremely toxic and not good for you at all. Negative and bad energy from the moment, I step in the door. This situation is really starting to break me down--so much toxic and negative energy that I am taking in. 

I truly can't take this anymore...not good on my mental health at all. '

I need a miracle....7:31pm