My 2 wishes for this year...

Life is so strange. Life can be so difficult at times--Life will harden your heart. The last few days have been tough. I'm turning 28 this year and want to start making bigger decisions that will improve my situation. The first decision that I am going to make is applying to teaching jobs. Though I no longer want to teach, teaching gave me the financial stability needed to pay bills and most importantly save. The recent argument with my mom, has driven me to do whatever it is I can do to get out of this living situation. Decision #2 is I will indeed move out this year, when? I don't know. But it NEEDS to happen, but first thing first find a job that provides me with financial stability. Those are my top 2 focuses right now, I can no longer be here as it is straining me mentally and physically.

I can't wait for the day when I can pack up and move out. Being truly happy is very important to me and I'm realizing that I am not going to get that real happiness and peace of mind living in a space that isn't good for me. Being here doesn't help me grow, but rather stunts my growth. The constant negative words that are said to me on a regular doesn't help at all. Constantly bringing me down isn't helpful. I need uplifting not negativity. I want to have a place to call my own and a place where I feel comfortable and loved. 

May these 2 wishes come true and manifest this year. I truly need them to be a reality.
*hoping for the best*