Most of today, I felt blue, I felt sad, I wanted to let the tears fall, I wanted to let the tears flow, but I didn't. Instead I took myself out to an exhibit, I've been seeing a few followers go to. It's only been here for a week and ends Sunday. I think I picked a good day to go as it wasn't that crowded--the exhibit was free as well as parking. I truly enjoyed the exhibit because it educated me and nothing turns me on more than being mentally stimulated. Most of the exhibit focused on Social Issues, during my time there a lady came up to me and asked if she could interview me, I said sure. Come to find out it was for TOMS(the shoe company), so that was pretty cool. 

I wish I had someone to tell about the exhibit and tell them how enlightened I felt there and how cool it was. I also went because I love museums and how they help to calm me when I'm feeling down and sad. I'm still feeling sad, so I wrote a few poems. Let's see how tomorrow & this weekend goes.

sad. 8:25PM