Happy 2018!


Long time no talk. I couldn't be more happy that the holiday season is over! It is now 2018 and I am excited for what this year has in store for me. Though odd numbers are my favorite, I have noticed that the even number years have been the most fulfilling years for me(in my adulthood). It wasn't that 2017 wasn't a good year, it was a year of struggling and questioning why things happen the way they did. It's the beginning of the year, so naturally I already feel motivated and that anything is possible as long as I stay positive and treat evert event/experience as a learning opportunity. 

I am still unemployed, but am looking. I have been more focused on Graduate school which I'm hoping I get the opportunity to do. I am going to go turn in the application Friday. I'm also gonna go see if I can now activate my 1 Month Gold's Gym Groupon. This year is all about becoming a better me. I want to be more healthy and physically active, save money, write and read more, improve my self-confidence and be more confident in my abilities, self and talents. I also want to wear my natural hair more. Last year it was mostly in some type of style--I want to learn to love my natural hair more. That is one of the main reasons I took out my braids before the new year, I wanted to come in natural--I wanted to come into 2018 as my complete self...if that makes sense. 

Cheers to becoming a better me. Loving myself as is, kinky curls and all.