Hello Universe

Hello, I haven't written in a couple of days--thought I'd do so tonight. Firstly, my fam finally met AM and it went better than I expected--it wasn't bad at all. They really liked him and said they felt he was genuine, had good vibes and how they could tell that I'm really happy. I could say the same. I haven't been in any good relationships, I always felt uneasy, but with AM I always feel at ease and heard. I've never been with someone who is attentive to my needs and wants. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't like asking for help, but I had to ask him to borrow money and he didn't blink an eye(and if he did, I didn't see it). I've never been this supported by anyone, it's a nice feeling to have. I truly am grateful for him, more than he probably knows. I hope that I too provide him with a sense of comfort and support. 

Right now in life, I feel that things are just going. I have a job in which I'm getting paid well, but to be honest I don't enjoy it. I'm basically the food lady, I don't really have any interaction with the kids or the staff unless I'm delivering the food carts, giving someone a break or taking a child to the restroom. Right now, I guess you can say I'm going with the flow. What's meant for me will be, no matter what. I feel lost career wise. Where is life leading me? What's my fate? How much longer do I have to wait, to obtain the things I truly desire....sigh

Adios 8:45PM