Hello World

Hello World, 

I am writing you today to ask for guidance and opportunity. There have been times when opportunities have been placed right in front of me and I questioned taking them--yet took the risk for the greater good...Example the teaching job that I was laid-off from this past October. When it came to taking that job, I really didn't want to because I knew teaching was no longer what I wanted to invest time in. I took the risk anyways and to an extent enjoyed it, but then was laid-off. Today a family contacted me about a nanny position that seemed just right and perfect to me. The lady had wanted to have me come meet the kids, dog and family this weekend, so we could get acquainted. BUT when I mentioned I had a 2-door car there stood the problem. She said she didn't feel comfortable with her kids being in a small vehicle. 

When opportunity comes knocking, sometimes I look at it with doubt or am hesitant. But this opportunity I opened the door for, simply because it would provide me with the financial means to do things I've long wanted. Yet, it feels the opportunity has been snatched away as quickly as it came. Though I am hesitant of change, I am open to it and willing to accept the opportunities that come my way---yet sometimes it doesn't work out and I wonder why it even entered my life, if it wasn't meant for me. I'm hoping for a change career-wise ASAP, but nothing is coming through. That makes me feel sad, unmotivated and very discouraged. I've applied for about 20 teaching jobs within this week alone!

Oh Life, I am ready for change in order to get to where I long to be. Guide me in the direction needed. Please let something fall through. Feeling discouraged and hopeless.