Some days are good, others are bad--bad in the sense that I feel lost. And sometimes, I feel I am the only one lost without a sense of direction, without a sense of belonging. I titled this post Locket because I remember when I first came across the song "Locket" by Kilo Kish a year or 2 ago. It was strange and comforting to relate so deeply with lyrics. At the moment, I feel stuck..stuck in hardships, stuck in disappointment, stuck with going through the motions of happiness and sadness all at once. 

I'm trying to stay in a positive mindset as I go through the tough times. I'm trying to hide behind my smile--keeping my facade up. But some days it gets hard and I just want to show my true emotions instead of faking them. But I guess that's how life is, right? Faking it until you make it. So, I guess I shall continue to fake it and hide behind this facade---making everyone think I am doing okay, when inside---I'm really not. I have had this fear lately that I’ll be deceived—-I don’t want to be hurt again, I don’t want things to end up like they always do..... I guess my mind has been in a dark place lately, I’m in a dark space lately

Fake it, til you make it, right? Tricking others sight—when inside you just want to give up this fight