It’s so interesting growing up in a technological world. We seem to be ruled by our devices. I remember being in elementary and middle school, those were the days. I suppose I am nostalgic for those days. Days where technology didn't rule our minds and take up time with those we care for that we won't get back. People waste precious seconds and minutes by endlessly scrolling on their timeline. I realize when I am hanging with people, they spend a lot of time on their devices. It’s very baffing. I try my best to make sure I give them my undivided attention—minimizing my time on the phone or staying off it all together. But if they themselves seem to be more interested in their cellular device then I too will copy their actions. It’s sad that the first thing people reach for in the morning is their phone rather than the person laying right beside them. So much time being wasted and not being in the present. I think I could write intently about this topic, but just wanted to write this while the thought is on my mind.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Cheers 11:20AM