Patience, love.

Hello There.

I'm proud of myself because during these hard times despite feeling down, I still have found the strength to have patience. Patience is one of my biggest strengths and one of my strongest characteristics. Patience, patience, patience---I've been repeating that too myself a lot when I feel those negative thoughts emerging. Yesterday I spent most of my time contacting jobs and seeing if I could set up any interviews; I set-up one for Monday and I'll see how it goes. 

Every single day, I've been applying for jobs like crazy--checking to see if there is anything new. I truly do want to move out and move in with AM, but as time ticks away nothing stable has yet to fall through--which means no money for me. I am still waiting on my check from Feb 9th payment day!!! I now have $2 in my account---please come today because I have a past due bill and bills are coming up on the 25th. I've been eating ramen day and night. 

Times feel hopeless and tough at the moment. But I'm still pushing on....Patience, love.