Hello World!

Tomorrow, I go meet a potential family I'll nanny for. They are first time parents and have a 3.5 month old baby boy. I'm extremely curious to see what milestones the baby has already accomplished. Usually 3 month-olds haven't even started babbling or crawling--they pretty much just poop, pee, sleep, cry, play, and eat--they need tons of attention and support. I truly enjoy working with children and believe I am great with them. I'm truly hoping one of these jobs comes through, I'm tired of struggling financially and barely being able to pay my bills on time. I also want to be able to save enough, so I can move-out with my bf. I would enjoy being able to see his face everyday :) I saw some casting calls on IG and tagged him in them--I think any type of work in the industry is worthwhile in the beginning of one's career, he can check out set life and maybe make some more connections. Anyways I hope he saw them as there's been no reply or acknowledgment to my tags...

It's so late right now, I should be sleeping but I can't. I'm wide awake.

Lets see what tomorrow & Monday will bring. Wish me good luck.