Despite the past few weeks and last few days being extremely hard for me, today was a good day. I woke up early and did a few errands. I watched the pregame shows for the Super Bowl, I got to witness Philly winning their first Super Bowl, I was assigned to work at a location this week, and I met the rest of AM's family, who is very sweet and welcoming. I actually really like them and hope they like me too; I would say this is maybe the 3rd time, I've been introduced to a boyfriend's family. I think meeting one's family is important. My family has been asking for the longest to meet AM, but I'm extremely picky when it comes to introducing people to my family---I don't like to just introduce anyone to them. But I think now is the right time, as I have met all of his family and he is someone who I am hoping sticks around for a long time.

Short post tonight, have to get up earlier tomorrow. Good night, world.

Hopefully the best is yet to come...12:25AM