I truly HATE that man. The man they call my father. He is nothing but a druggie and alcoholic, I hate the day he stepped back into my mom and brothers lives. When he leaves for days or a week, it's very peaceful and calm in the house; but when he is back the air is filled with nothing but negative energy. Last Sunday, right before the Super Bowl, him and my mom got in an argument--in which he started. This was the first time, in a long time that my bro and I had to step in. He is beyond disrespectful. I never knew I would actually use the world hate in this lifetime in it's true form. I always say things like, "I hate nuts" or "I hate inconsiderate people" "I hate this...", 
"I hate that."; but most of the time I am just stating my dislike for such things. Whereas, when I say I hate my dad, I truly mean HATE in every inch of it's true context. I never knew hate could be so strong towards another human being. 

I love my mom with all my heart, despite our differences. I will not let her be disrespected by some asshole. It's strange the way true hate makes one feel--it's a sickening feeling. How does he live with himself? How can someone live the way he does? It's mind boggling that someone doesn't even care to change for the better nor better themselves!! Like what?

Filled with anger right now.