So, I have reconnected with the lady at the agency I was working at and will continue to work there for the time being. She pays me well and since I'm still trying to figure out what I truly want to do in life, maybe this is the better choice in the meantime. I've also been thinking that I will soon have to say goodbye to Tuesdays with my bf, which makes me really sad. I guess I just have to keep thinking that I'm sacrificing days apart in order to save up to spend days together aka moving in together. It's still hard because I've become use to Tuesdays being our day...

Anyways, I am beyond grateful for the help that my bf has given emotionally and financially. I have been dealing with a lot of stress at home and with paying bills. I've never had the courage to ask to borrow money(only once), but it seems he is always offering to help me financially. It's very heartwarming for me, because I can't even ask my own family for financial help. Nor has anyone ever been so giving, thoughtful and supportive towards me. I truly appreciate him more than he probably knows. I'm truly lucky to have him by my side. I hope I am some day able to repay him, in all the ways that he has helped me.