BLAH! Phewww, life has been nothing but a downhill rollercoaster this Month. From family issues to career/work issues. When it comes to family my dad, went back up North and my mom went into a major depression episode that was pretty scary and crazy. It reminded me of times when my mom would take too much medication when I was younger and we would have to make sure we watch her. It was scary, but also angering. I'm just plan tired of having to take care of grown adults. First my dad issues--dealing with the abuse he'd do to my mom, then him coming home drunk/high, and staying out all night. Then dealing with the relationship between my mom and I. Then I'm trying to make the right decision when it comes to my career, but seems I keep making the wrong decision. Seems like I'm stuck and nothing is sticking. 

The agency I was with is inconsistent and unstable. If I was being paid on time, then I would definitely stay, but I'm not. When it comes to my views, I prefer picking my happiness over money. I do not want to wake up dreading going to a job. I understand that there are somedays we as people will wake up and that I understand, but to have the constant dread everyday?! No thanks. I just wish something would fall through, something that's stable, makes me happy, and most importantly helps me to grow my skills and abilities. 

Right now, I feel stuck and I have no clue where I'm headed. *sigh*