Making Moves

I can't wait til I can say I am proud of myself. I've been saying that to people as of late. I am indeed making moves towards my future, but because no one see's progression they say such things as "you have to try harder", "you have to be open", "you have to adapt" etcetera---when the truth is, I am indeed doing these things and trying my hardest. My progression is small, but any progression is progression. Sometimes I feel those who are close to me, don't understand me. Because they don't see something, they believe it's not there. I'm speaking of my hard work, the many jobs I've applied to, the ways in which I've grown--they seem to only acknowledge the things they don't see. 

But me, I see the progression in myself, I see the growth, I acknowledge even the smallest of accomplishments. I rarely hear anyone say they are proud of me. But that's okay, I am proud of myself; myself is all I have. My day and time is coming, eventually all my hard work will pay off. I'm making myself proud and that's all that matters. As long as I see my progression, as long as I acknowledge myself, as long as I acknowledge my growth--that's all that matters. I'm doing my best, but no one seems to see the best in me nor my potential.

Progress is Progress. I am very proud of you, Raven, very proud and always here for you.