Consistency is KEY!

Things that I want to get back into are dance, pole dancing, fitness and creating music videos. I remember I was living my best life and on my way to being my true authentic self, when I did things without question such as taking a trip to NY, Skydiving, Being active(pole dancing, dance), Being Creative, Performing in an Open Mic. That time of my life, I lived freely, fearless, brave, and consistent. I want to get back to having a consistent routine, to being consistent in sharing my poetry, consistent in thriving towards my dreams, consistent in reading/writing before I go to bed, consistent in not having my phone be the first thing I reach for in the morning, consistent in being creative, consistently on a journey to becoming my true authentic self and being the creative successful strong woman that I strive to be and know I can be. I want to learn to stay consistent even on my bad days. I want to write even when I don't feel like, I want to exercise despite feeling lazy or having a long day. 

I am going to make these things things a habit. One step at a time. Consistency is KEY.
10:15 PM