New Endeavors

The last few days have been really great. I've been doing a lot of writing and doing a lot of creative things such as painting again. I even have been going for walks and sitting by the ocean like I use to.  Painting has been very therapeutic. I have been questioning my life's direction for a while and have come to the conclusion that I do indeed want to pursue new endeavors that are outside of the education field. So bye-bye education and hello_______

I do not plan on telling anyone about the 2 fields I will be engaging in, as it seems not many have been supportive of my path nor decision-making. I want to explore these fields because I like helping others and I think it's another way to help others. I get to babysit this week and weekend, so I'm excited for that cash to be coming in. Also, just waiting for my postmate things to arrive in the mail, so I can start delivering. All in all,  this week should be pretty productive. 

I've been wondering, are all people the same? are all guys the same? Lately, it seems so. 

Hoping for the best.