Hello there.

Wheww, I've opened this page up so many times to write, but never finished it. I'd say it's been about a month since I've written here. A lot has occurred in one month. I am now employed and happily have started to pay off late bills. I can comfortably begin to save without feeling as if I'll have to again go into my savings and clear it out to stay afloat. 

I feel as if everything has been working in my favor when it comes to what I'm pursuing. I've finally decided to take my thoughts about nursing seriously and put them into action. I'm excited for this new journey and will probably start it in the Fall, since the pre-req classes I need are offered then. This Summer, I just want to work and save save save. I also want to start working out, which I know I've been saying forever, but I truly do. I also want to gain 10-20 pounds and keep that weight on. I also turned 28 and will write a separate post for that. 

Lately, my days have been filled with mostly work. researching scholarships for nursing school and researching nursing schools as well, though I have an idea of which school I want to attend. I also want to begin volunteering in the hospital to gain more experience. I have learned to trust the timing of things; I feel I have gained back my 'go with the flow' mentality, which feels really refreshing and nice. Each passing day my optimism about the future increases; it truly is all in the mind--and my mind has been nothing but positive and hopeful.

The best is yet to come and in the meantime, I'm enjoying the view and trusting the timing. <3