Unapologetically ME.

I am just getting in from attending an event/panel that discussed Identity. The event was held at an art museum, so I got there 2 hours early so I could explore the museum. I'm so glad that I did that. They were having a special exhibit called The Photo Project. Basically it was a program that gave young girls the opportunity to explore themselves through photography. The photos were raw, real and authentic. It acted as a platform so that their voice could be heard. 

One part of the exhibit had a space that asked, "What would you have told your younger self? & What can you tell your future self?" & then you hang your response. Not only did that exhibit inspire me to be my TRUE authentic self, but then later on when I attended the panel--the same message was being said...'Accept who you are & own it--be unapologetically RAW!' Last year, I was well on my way, but things happened and I lost the drive to do so. This event opened my eyes and I want to be on that mission again. 

I don't have the answers, I only have my truths. And as long as I'm true to myself and mission--then all will be well. Constantly learning, constantly growing. 

Love, Love, Love!

For the past 2 weeks, I've been going to this dance studio taking classes. I love love love taking the classes there. There are 3 classes that I mainly take, one is called BootyPop. I love this class because it's a full body cardio workout, but we also do a lot of isolations with the hips and butt. I can tell if I keep taking this class, I'll just be randomly standing in my room twerking for no reason. Especially since, I'm back to being on my gain weight regimen! I'm sure I'll see improvements pretty soon. Can't wait to get my thighs and butt a little more tighter and bigger. I'm also taking a Hip Hop dance class! And I'm in love with it, we did choreography to Humble by Kendrick Lamar and let me tell ya, wasn't easy at all, but I'm good at learning choreo and it was super fun, energetic and tiring. 

One thing I notice about both classes is, the teachers have us getting on our knees A LOT! The first time, the day after I was so sore, but I gotta say how I have loved every moment of getting on my knees! Haha. Yes, they may sound weird to say, but it's me getting in touch with my sexy, seductive side--which I always hide. So far, I'm loving these classes very much! LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Dance 3 times a week(MWF), will be very good for me, since I'm trying to get fit, get my abs back and get this booty poppin for the Summer! 

Aspire To Inspire.

It's funny how in life, you never know whose life you've touched, you never truly know if your existence makes a difference in anyones life or in the world in general. I feel that's how I've been feeling as of late, does my existence truly matter? has my existence truly touch/effect anyone's life(positively or negatively)? That's been weighing on my mind a lot.....

My overall goal in life, is to aspire others-help others-assist others--mainly the youth, people of color and those from less fortunate socio-economical backgrounds as myself. I want to inspire others to reach their true potential; we are all stronger than we think and can go further/reach further than we think. Today after work as I went on Instagram, I had a message from an unknown person:

To be honest, I thought it was a spam/troll account. But then, I went to check out their page and saw it was a legit person. I saw they began posting poetry beginning of April. Their poems held a lot of depth and the emotion could be felt just by reading them. I was curious, so I asked them was there a specific poem that inspired them to want to start writing and they sent me screenshots of 4 poems. I was very touched and flattered. 

I keep trying to put myself out there more--performing, advertising my art more, connecting with art-based Instagrams/Communities.  I feel I've been doing a good job; baby steps. We are the generation, who wants instant success and gratification--but things don't work that way. I wish things would happen quicker, but I know it's all a part of the process. Good thing I have the patience of a monk!


Album Review: Kendrick Lamar-DAMN

So, I just finished listening to the Kendrick Lamar Album 'DAMN'. Before I go into my review, I just want to say--I absolutely LOVE Kendrick Lamar--he's a poet, he speaks truth--he delivers his songs really well and touches on subjects that many turn a blind eye to. I've always admired rappers--REAL rappers who aren't all about ass, getting bitches, money, partying--mainly superficial things. I like rappers who are intellectual, hold depth, dig deeper than beyond the service/cervix---those are the ones who have always caught my eyes.

The songs I connected with and liked most are: DNA, FEEL, HUMBLE, PRIDE, LOVE, & FEAR. The lyricism is truly great in those songs--at least in my eyes. DNA simply because I feel it relates to Black America in the sense that blacks have been oppressed and treated unfairly--but yet, we remain strong, striving, and persistent--it's in our DNA. FEEL is another favorite simply for the fact that I'm not good at discussing feelings, but that song touches on how one thinks/feels about how they are viewed by others. HUMBLE because simply the lyrics speak truth and that beat is pure FIRE! PRIDE because I have too much pride and need to learn to put it aside, in times when I need help--my pride gets in the way of things too often. LOVE because well don't we all want someone who feels those sentiments spoken in the song? I know I do--to love and be loved in return is a miracle and an amazing feeling to have. FEAR because just like pride, I let my fears at time guide me--instead of me guiding them. Lots of things said in that song were relatable. 

I also like that the album wasn't too long--55 minutes! Can't beat that. The track order I think also fit very well--had a nice flow to it. Some songs to me, were just okay--but their beats were FIRE. Thanks for the music, KDOT.